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Video is the best way to create your instructions.

It takes 3x longer to create written playbooks and instruction manuals.1

Visuals have been found to improve learning by up to 400%.2

With VidGuide™, create quick step-by-step instructional videos and share them with team members in minutes – not days or weeks.

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Access to your instructions when your team needs them most.

81% of employees can’t find important documents when they need them.3

54% of employees report wasting time searching for files in cluttered online storage.4

With Flightpath, pin a VidGuide to any online software or website your team uses, and ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Videos are the preferred way to learn for the modern workforce.

Employees are 75% more likely to learn by watching a video than reading written documents.5

People also retain 95% of the information when watching videos, as compared to only 10% when reading documents.6

Give your employees the training they need, the way they want it, in a shorter amount of time – with VidGuide™.

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Track employee progress and maximize training effectiveness.

Completion rates for online training can be as low as 5%.7

Learning by watching quick videos increases long-term knowledge retention by up to 80% while improving employee engagement by more than 50%.8

With VidGuide™, you can track your team’s progress and know your instructions were understood.

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Avoid the painstaking process of creating written instructions.

Shoot a quick video of your screen and create your step-by-step instructions. Add written notes and edit a step without having to re-create a new video and shareable link. Have your instructions pop-up inside the software your team uses to run your business.

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Want to start creating your Standard Operating Procedures
but don't know where to start? VidGuide™ is here to help.

Are you finding it challenging to create your Standard Operating Procedures?
At VidGuide™, our goal is to simplify the way Standard Operating Procedures are captured and consumed. Instantly create videos to onboard new employees, roll out new processes, and get everyone doing the same job, the same way. Designed as a video-first platform, businesses can easily start capturing their Standard Operating Procedures and get employees trained quickly and efficiently. All VidGuides are stored in a centralized library and are accessible through our Chrome Extension at any time.
Can you easily find your Standard Operating Procedures when you need them?
Whether it's printed documents or text-based online instructions, Standard Operating Procedures can easily become lost and forgotten. In today's world, most employees would prefer to watch a quick video instead of searching through Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. With VidGuide™, businesses can quickly establish a set of on-demand Standard Operating Procedures that are easy to consume. With all Standard Operating Procedures stored in a single location, and sharable between team members, business leaders can ensure their employees are consistent and doing things right the first time.
Is your onboarding and training process consistent for all team members?
Whether you are conducting additional training, onboarding a new employee, or implementing a new Standard Operating Procedure, VidGuide™ is here to help. Designed with the end-user in mind, the video-first platform and intuitive design will have employees performing any task correctly right away. With clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures in a simple, yet comprehensive solution, VidGuide™ helps to create an efficient learning experience for all team members.
Do you know if your team is following your Standard Operating Procedures?
No one wants to spend their time creating Standard Operating Procedures, only to realize their staff isn't retaining the information, or even worse, no way of knowing if they have viewed the information at all. With Flightpath, your team will be notified once a new VidGuide has been created, with help to guide them along. Track how many times each VidGuide has been watched and shared, helping to increase engagement and provide greater insight into adoption.

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Get rid of your dusty, unused training manuals and experience process consistency with short video steps right at your fingertips when you need them.

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VidGuide™ is a game changer! We’ve saved time and money while improving the speed and retention of our employee onboarding and training.

Jonathan Zafrani
EPI Fire Protection Inc.

There is just so much information hiding in our heads. VidGuide™ is helping us to get that out in front. It's a highly functional and simple SOP tool.

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Big Sky Way

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