Success Story: Tax Prose


Tax Prose is a leading tax preparation and accounting firm, providing comprehensive tax planning services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. The team’s combined years of experience exceeds 75 years. Tax Prose was established in 2014 in Long Beach, CA.

At Tax Prose, they believe in providing personalized service and building long-term relationships with their clients. They take the time to understand their clients’ unique needs and goals, and tailor their services to meet those needs. Their goal is to provide high-quality, affordable tax planning services that help their clients achieve their financial goals and improve their bottom line.

Stephanie Anderson, Owner at Tax Prose, also strongly believes in empowering entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. She started Small Business Jump, an online community of like-minded small business owners, providing a platform for collaboration, support, learning, and cost-saving opportunities to help entrepreneurs thrive in their endeavors.


The challenge

Prior to VidGuide, Stephanie was writing all of her processes in documents and sharing them with her team. While written documentation was helpful, it was far from ideal. “Writing down all of my processes in documents was very time consuming,” stated Stephanie. “And then if something changed, which it always does with software, I would have to rewrite sections of the process with updated screenshots and re-send that to my team, which was just very inefficient.”

Additionally, when the pandemic happened, clients were no longer coming into the office. Without a need for a physical office, Stephanie decided to make Tax Prose a remote business. But with this came some challenges. “Moving to a fully remote business allowed us to hire team members from all across the U.S., but if someone was in a different time zone or on a different schedule, I would still need to be able to communicate with them,” Stephanie said. “As a result, I was meeting with my team outside of regular work hours to show them how to do specific tasks, mainly because our written documentation wasn’t sufficient, and they often still had questions.” Realizing this wasn’t working well for the business, Stephanie knew she needed to find a better way to document their processes and train her team.


A comprehensive solution

With VidGuide in place, Stephanie has developed a better system for training her team. “In our business, my one-on-time time is with our clients, so I have limited time to meet with my team,” stated Stephanie. “Now with VidGuide, I have my team write up a few bullet points of anything they need help with. I’ll come in and see what they’re stuck on and make a quick VidGuide, and from there I’m able to see in VidGuide if they’ve watched it or not.” VidGuide is also helping Tax Prose improve both employee and customer satisfaction. “In the past, an employee might have been stuck on an issue for a few days until I could get on a call with them,” said Stephanie. “Now, I just share a VidGuide showing them how to complete the task, and it’s much easier for them to understand the process through video compared to something I wrote down. This has allowed my team to be more efficient and serve our customers better.”


Hours saved every day

As an accounting firm, the busiest time for the Tax Prose team is during tax season. While this time of the year used to be the most difficult for Stephanie, that’s no longer the case. “We face a lot of hard things in the tax and accounting world,” stated Stephanie. “Especially for our junior accountants, they would often get stuck and require help. During last year’s tax season for example, I was spending 3.5 hours every day after work hours helping them get unstuck. Compared to this tax season with VidGuide, I am spending less than 1 hour a day with my team, as they can simply watch a video and learn on their own time.” This represents a time savings of 75% for Stephanie, giving her more time to focus on helping her clients. As Stephanie and the Tax Prose team continue to create more processes in VidGuide, the time savings have extended beyond tax season as well.


The gift that keeps on giving

Regularly saving time with VidGuide, Stephanie is now able to take on more business and grow her team. “We’re adding a new member to our team, and I’m not worried about her onboarding and training, because for the first week she will be spending time learning our processes in VidGuide,” stated Stephanie. “Our processes are already done and ready for her in VidGuide, so onboarding any new employees becomes much easier and saves me a lot of time.” Stephanie has also seen big improvements in the overall growth of the business. “What I’m finding now is that our team is viewing our processes in VidGuide and providing feedback on how to make them even better,” said Stephanie. “It’s leading to even more effective systems in our business, while also empowering our team to create their own processes in VidGuide.”



VidGuide has truly been a transformative solution for Tax Prose. “VidGuide is an invaluable tool that I truly can’t do without at this point,” said Stephanie. “We have employees all across the U.S. working different schedules and I can’t be there to manage them in-person. VidGuide enables us to have this beautiful business ecosystem, seamlessly working together – wherever we are.” While helping to streamline training processes, VidGuide has also empowered team members to learn independently, resulting in a 75% reduction of Stephanie’s time spent meeting with her team. VidGuide has enabled Stephanie to scale her business by simplifying onboarding processes and fostering continuous improvement through collaborative feedback. Stephanie expressed confidence in the continued growth of her business saying, “With VidGuide, we’re bound to succeed.”


About VidGuide

VidGuide enables business owners to create and display video-based instructions directly into the software their employees utilize daily. With VidGuide, employees have the guidance to complete everyday tasks inside the company without guessing. Leveraging VidGuide’s Chrome extension, instructions automatically appear as employees use the tools they need to do their job. From QuickBooks to HubSpot to Salesforce and everything in between, VidGuide integrates with tens of thousands of software applications. This ensures that employees always have access to the latest instructions, and business owners can track who has viewed the instructions and when.