Success Story: BizSmart


BizSmart, a leading business consultancy based in the UK, empowers organizations to achieve optimal efficiency and growth through strategic business solutions. With a team of seasoned professionals, BizSmart specializes in providing tailored advice, innovative strategies, and comprehensive support to businesses across various industries, driving success and sustainability in today’s dynamic business landscape.


The challenge

Prior to VidGuide, BizSmart was creating written documents and videos, and storing them in an online shared drive. While this worked for them, BizSmart wanted a better way to create and organize their internal business processes. “We used a shared drive to store our business processes, as I’m sure many businesses do,” stated Kevin Brent, Owner at BizSmart. “The challenge for us, is we would often end up with multiple versions of the same process stored in different folders, which made finding specific processes challenging and it was difficult to know which was the latest version.”

BizSmart also wanted a solution that could help them attain their business improvement goals. “As a business, we are always looking for ways we can improve,” stated Kevin. “We wanted a way for our team to be able to capture our processes, with the ability to look back and analyze what we’ve done, what’s changed and be able to easily make those updates.” As BizSmart places a strong emphasis on continual business improvement, they determined that a better solution was needed to achieve this.


A better way to create and manage their processes

When it comes to creating and managing their business processes, BizSmart appreciates having a single tool to manage everything. “One of the greatest things about VidGuide is we’re able to easily capture and upload videos, while also adding our notes and insert accompanying documents,” stated Kevin. “From there, we can share the VidGuides with our team and they can also search and find any business process in VidGuide, knowing it’s the latest version. We’ve also used the Flightpath feature to display some of our VidGuides in the software we use, which is helpful for our team.”

With VidGuide, BizSmart is on the way to improving their culture through the power of their processes. “In VidGuide, we can easily capture a video of any new or improved process and share it with our team, while making it available as a central resource,” stated Kevin. “This helps to boost employee engagement and get everyone involved in improving our business, rather than just creating a standalone document.” Any time an employee finds a better way to do something, they quickly create a video in VidGuide that will ultimately become a new and improved business process. In the past, these process improvements would often go unchecked, and VidGuide is providing BizSmart with a simple solution to address this.


Saving time with VidGuide

With VidGuide in place, BizSmart is now able to train their team members quicker, saving them valuable time in the process. “We had a scenario where one of our franchisees had to train a team member that was taking on more of the financial management functions,” Kevin explained. “He created VidGuides with step-by-step instructions that she could refer back to, allowing her to learn on her own time. This continues to save him time, as she can simply watch the videos instead of going back to him with questions.” Kevin expects that VidGuide will continue to save them hours of training time when it comes to upskilling and onboarding team members.

Additionally, VidGuide continues to make the lives of their team easier. Since VidGuide is always available, the BizSmart team can find the guidance they need in a single location. “In the case of our franchisee, the team member can simply search for and view the videos she needs, whenever she needs them,” stated Kevin. “This saves time for her and helps her be more productive, while freeing up the time of our franchise owner to focus on more pressing responsibilities.”


Thriving with VidGuide

VidGuide has been a game changer for BizSmart. With their processes and intellectual property stored in an online shared drive, it wasn’t easy to find the documents when they needed them most and it was difficult to know which was the latest version. With VidGuide, BizSmart now has a centralized tool to create, manage, and update their business processes. Kevin enjoys being able to capture and upload videos, add notes, and insert supporting documents – all within a single tool. And it’s not just about saving time on training. VidGuide has become the hub where everyone contributes to make processes better, helping to foster a culture of continuous business improvement.


About VidGuide

VidGuide enables business owners to create and display video-based instructions directly into the software their employees utilize daily. With VidGuide, employees have the guidance to complete everyday tasks inside the company without guessing. Leveraging VidGuide’s Chrome extension, instructions automatically appear as employees use the tools they need to do their job. From QuickBooks to HubSpot to Salesforce and everything in between, VidGuide integrates with tens of thousands of software applications. This ensures that employees always have access to the latest instructions, and business owners can track who has viewed the instructions and when.