Simple, yet powerful video capture software.

See all of the different features that make VidGuide a leading video-first solution to capturing standard operating procedures.

Capture video instantly and start training your team the right way.

With VidGuide, easily record a video to document your processes or anything you would like to teach your team how to perform – all directly within our platform. No integrations or add-ons necessary!

Store all processes and videos in a centralized location.

Save your staff time by storing all VidGuides in the library, which can be directly accessed by your team members. VidGuide’s can be sorted by name, tag, or group and are easily searchable.

Share VidGuides with your team and have them learn on the job.

With our Flightpath technology and Chrome Extension, your team can start learning with in-context instructions guiding them through the training process while they are doing their job.

Make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable.

If a picture says 1,000 words, than a video is worth a million. By creating processes and training materials in video format, staff will enjoy the learning process and be more likely to retain the information.

Easily turn video recordings into organized and detailed processes.

Once a video is recorded, easily split into steps clip sections, apply tags, and add additional steps to create your process. Share the link directly with team members or use automated notifications.

Track progress and ensure your team is completing their training.

With VidGuide, gain full visibility into employee adoption with the ability to see how many times a VidGuide was watched and shared, as well as how far each team member has progressed.

Start capturing videos and create your processes today!

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